Minimize the time customers spend inside your customer service area by automating your procedure and minimizing the task force dedicated for routine activities and focus more in product development. We only adopt green methodologies in our design and production for all of our products.

Information Kiosks

A smart way to provide guidance and informative details to your customers with the information you need using high-end hardware that can be tailored to meet your brand.

Information kiosk can add great value to your customers expereince and present all the information you need in a professional way.

Human Resources Kiosks

Brings new HR management tool to your office providing full access to HR support and providing added value to your office with our smart solution that helps achieve excellence and discipline between your teams, with full monitoring tool that highlights preprogrammed alerts to their corresponding managers.


Visitors Kiosks

In a very secure way schedule your visitors and minimize their waiting time and confirm their identity.

System is compatible with Emirates ID.

Registration Kiosks

Grant smooth operation that reduces paper work and instant membership card issuance to your customers. All customer information can be read using emirates ID and any type of card scanner.

Payment Kiosks

Provide your customers with 24/7 payment gateway that can ease payment procedure and eliminate long queue on cashiers and drive your customer service tasks to the future by dedicating human resources to customer support and products sales, also minimize carbon footprint by choosing our green be spoke solution.

Instant Issuance Kiosks

Providing state of the art solution that insures instant issuance kiosk recognized for high customer satisfaction with high-end hardware that can be integrated and customized to your needs.