Bespoke Solutions
Your company is unique, so
why go for the same thing
everyone does.

Leaptech quality tailor made solutions that best fit your business, whether you require software solution, hardware only or integrated system.

What we offer:

- Use of latest technologies, so you don’t have to worry about it being obsolete fast

- Use of latest hardware and trends, regardles of technology

- Full monitoring tools that insures full transparency to related managers and drives the motivation of the establishment towards the next level.

Leaptech’s solutions are Microsoft based and done by certified Microsoft professionals, but we can also offer you Android and iOS solutions on request.

What we specialize in:

Proof of concept
We can check for you if the project and technologies correspond and what issues to expect, while keeping your team focused on ongoing projects
Tailor Made

You have a your own project or your own ideas, you want us to do, contact us.

Mobile Solutions
Whether it's Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or all of them together, we can make your app.