IoT Integration

Creating a value added IoT Integration

for your real-time control and monitoring

using interconnected smart devices and

data between machines

We have partnered with one of the biggest IoT platform companies, to provide you with full IoT integration capabilities, starting with a range of sensort, through IoT gateways as well as a scloud solution to store and analyse the data for your real-time control and monitoring project.

What we offer:

- Military standard Mobile devices and portable computers

- Smart Devices for Logistics industry

- Security and survaillance devices (People counters, Face Recognition, Automatic Licence Plate Readers)

- Devices for rolling stock (trains, metros, trams), buses and commercial vehicles that place heavy demands on the operations that support them

- Environmental monitoring system (polution, air quality, ionizing radiation levels, sound polution, etc.)

- Vehicle (taxi, bus, commercial) distributed entertainment and video streaming

- etc.

In cooperation with EuroTech